+ Health and quality of life for autistic people

We constantly seek to improve the health and quality of life of autistic people in all its pillars, in addition to connecting the networks involved in this ecosystem.

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Searching for reliable information about autism* no longer needs to be so complicated. With Tismoo.me you can organize your health files, answer questions with our artificial intelligence, take care of your health, seek a better quality of life and connect with people who can help you on your journey.

Health on the Spectrum

We have developed the first line of health care for autistic people or people with conditions linked to neurodevelopment in an attempt to improve their quality of life.

Far beyond treatment, Saúde no Espectro is a service that welcomes, cares for, monitors and provides guidance regarding people’s 360º health. And everything is based on evidence and scientific methodology.

A Care Program made for you

We created a service to take care of your health in all aspects. It is a multidisciplinary and careful look that goes far beyond any treatment. We want to take your hand and, together, navigate this journey towards a better quality of life, whether in relation to physical, mental or even social health.

The autistic people's health inspires more care

Scientific literature shows us that this population needs greater care regarding their physical and mental health. It is very important to take care of all the pillars of health in search of a better quality of life, in addition to preventing diseases, other health conditions and the search for stability and well-being.

Contemplating the entire spectrum

Our health service covers the entire spectrum of autism and neurodevelopment, from neurodivergent people with complete autonomy to people with more limitations, with a higher level of support — and, in these cases, also supporting their caregivers (in the vast majority of cases, mothers !) providing guidance on body, mind and emotional health.

Partners and customers

Alone, we will never get this far! It is with partners and allies that we go far beyond our objectives. Come see who we owe our thanks to.

Education and quality of life

We value health education as the main tool for promoting quality of life and preventing problems that affect the well-being of autistic people.


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